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Hi, I'm Alison

I am a physics major at UC San Diego and an undergraduate researcher at the Paesani Group 

I am currently working developing data-driven many-body energy (MB-nrg) potential energy functions (PEFs) to study large molecular systems and in the past my work focused on studying synergistic behavior between bacteriophages and antibiotics to address antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


Outside the lab, I am a saxophonist and love to explore different genres and styles.


Check out my research and music below.


Selected to Intern at Los Alamos National Lab - February 2023


I am so excited to be one of three UCSD Undergraduate Physics Students to have been selected to intern at Los Alamos National Laboratory for the upcoming Summer of 2024! I will have the privilege of working with Dr. Jianxin Zhu, a distinguished researcher at the Physics of Condensed Matter and Complex Systems Theoretical Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory. This research project will employ theoretical frameworks and computational methods to explore the effects of doping and strain on the magnetic properties of strongly correlated electron systems. Click on the image to read about my colleagues that were selected. 

Visit to Los Alamos National Lab - December 2023


I am so grateful to have been one of thirty UCSD undergraduate and graduate physics and engineering students invited to a multi-day visit at LANL. It was such a privilege to speak with staff scientists that push the boundaries of computational physics and the witness Los Alamos National Laboratory's interdisciplinary tradition, wealth of resources, expertise, and constant innovation.

SoCal TheoChem 6 - October 2023


Zoe Solomon and I were so excited to represent the Paesani Lab and present our research on developing potential energy functions for organic and biological molecules at our first ever conference. Thank you to all the wonderful people we met at the 6th annual Southern California Theoretical Chemistry conference!

Phage-Antibiotic Synergy Paper Submitted - August 2023

The Pride Lab submitted our work on creating a new assay for evaluating phage-antibiotic synergy to the Journal of Clinical Microbiology. So proud of the work I was able to do with this team!

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