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 About Me

When it comes to creating, it is your job to inspire, and what better way to do this than through music?
I loved music my whole life, whether it was singing nursery rhymes in the car, or banging my hands on the piano, I always wanted to make music. I tore through instruments and quickly lost interest in guitar, ukulele, piano and even didgeridoo, but when I started playing saxophone in 6th grade I fell in love. 
At first I signed up for band in Junior High solely to get out of gym class, but as the weeks progressed, I realized, much to my surprise, that I actually had a passion for saxophone. I made first chair in beginning band and my dream was to make it into Jazz Band my 7th grade year. I would run through my front door so that I could get practicing immediately. Sure enough, 7th grade year, I made it into Jazz and the top Wind Ensemble. I picked up flute and clarinet and played clarinet in Wind Ensemble my 8th Grade year, but saxophone was still my main instrument. My love for Jazz grew and after some practice I played in the Florida All State Jazz Band as one of the two alto saxophonists in the ensemble. Later that year I auditioned for Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (DA), a magnet Arts High School and played in the top ensembles there as a freshman and sophomore. Playing saxophone at DA gave me the opportunity to perform at prestigious events, such as the Midwest Conference and meet my musical heroes like Ernie Watts, Mike Smith and Grace Kelly. 

This year promises to be packed with incredible performances, fun popups and more musical madness! 
If you would like to keep up to date with the action, follow me on Youtube and Instagram. I am so excited to share my musical journey with you !


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